NABA’s Career Services & Industry Relations Office can provide you with support and guidance during your transition from the academy to the professional world. Our staff can help you develop self-promotion tools and assist you during your first steps into the world of work.

The Office develops relationships with companies in order to set up internship agreements, employment opportunities, and interactive projects between students and businesses.




TalentHarbour is a project designed to help NABA students prepare for their careers. It can help you with:

  • Personal branding and reputation: Strategy and application
    This service helps you build self-promotion tools: draft résumés and cover letters, create professional portfolios, manage social network profiles, prepare for interviews, and network.
  • Becoming a professional: Tips straight from the job market
    Throughout the year, the Office organizes events and meetings with professionals, industry experts, lawyers, and corporate and institutional representatives to give students valuable advice about various aspects of the professional world.
  • Face-to-face with the company: Simulation of recruiting, assessment, portfolio revision, and on-campus selection
    A chance to practice your skills through simulated interviews and recruiting sessions (that is, roleplays) to prepare you for the real thing.



After graduation, NABA’s Career Services & Industry Relations Office continues to support our alumni by promoting internship and job offers, and by supporting projects between alumni and companies.

To that end, the Office has launched Darwinsquare, an online platform dedicated to the professional advancement of NABA students, alumni, and faculty. Through this virtual “square,” students and alumni can share their CVs and portfolios, and companies can advertise internships and jobs and select the profiles that best fit their requirements.

What Darwinsquare does:

  • Collect student requests and match them with relevant job opportunities
  • Organize the student’s first contact with companies
  • Help students prepare for job interviews
  • Provide advice about the bureaucratic process of activating an internship
  • Collect documents to be sent to the company
  • Provide support during the internship period
  • Final review with the student at the end of the internship

As a NABA student or alumnus, you can join Darwinsquare for free and:

  • Publish your résumé and portfolio
  • Take part (individually or in a group) in contests launched by companies
  • Launch creative projects involving classmates and other Darwinsquare members
  • Connect with companies offering internships or jobs: You find them; they find you




Every year, NABA’s Career Services & Industry Relations Office obtains certified, comprehensive market research on the employment figures of all NABA alumni one year after graduation.

This research is conducted by Demoskopea, a research institute and exclusive partner in Italy of Global NR, a network of independent research institutes sharing the same high quality standards and the same values. Rather than self-certified data, NABA chooses to collaborate with an external source so that we can publish data certified by an accredited and well-known organization in the field of market analysis. Demoskopea has found that:

  • 80% of students* are employed one year after attaining their qualification at NABA.
  • 85% of the NABA graduates who are employed one year after graduation state that their work is aligned with the degree studies they completed.
  • NABA’s rate of students who are employed one year after attaining their degrees is more than 22% higher** than the average published by AlmaLaurea in its most recent employment survey. NABA students manage to find work approximately 1.4 months** quicker than the average published by AlmaLaurea in its most recent employment survey (3 months, compared to the 4.4 months reported by AlmaLaurea).

* This percentage is calculated based on the number of NABA graduates engaged in paid employment or enrolled in other courses recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

**AlmaLaurea is an interuniversity consortium that promotes and monitors graduate employment. The employment rate of NABA students (that is, the percentage of students in employment one year after attaining their qualifications) is more than 22 points higher than the percentage published by AlmaLaurea in its latest employment study, which involved 65 Italian universities and institutes that are members of the consortium. The same study shows that NABA students take 1.4 months less time to find employment than the average.


NABA aspires to keep our relationships with former students alive and strong. For this reason, NABA’s Alumni Association was established in 2012. The Association aims to create a community of alumni and provide a space for discussion and exchange, so that our alumni can enhance their professional development and maintain their connection with the school.

Stay in touch with us so you can find out about opportunities and events, remain in contact with your former classmates, meet and get to know more professionals in your field, and launch new collaborative projects.